“twattish specimens”

5 Mar

Justin on PMQ’s:

It shows us in technicolour and surround sound that a very large percentage of the Members of Parliament are a bunch or braying, shouting, toadying, ill-mannered, boorish, obsequious wankers. Somebody should tell those sitting around someone asking a question that the microphones pick up their every witless, gobshite utterance. I’ve seen reality television contestants with more self-respect.


You’ve got a moral and intellectual coward of a Prime Minister who can’t or won’t answer a question. The Leader of the Opposition’s last substantive question was asked 35 years ago when he debated with his mummy as to why he couldn’t have another biscuit. And they both take turns to hammers the Lib Dem leader whoever the poor bastard is this week. No substance, just petty insults and point scoring.

Justin is, as always, bang on the money. Have you seen PMQs lately? Worse than bad. Much worse.


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