the comeback gal

5 Mar

She did it.

While the win in Texas is nowhere near as decisive enough to really shake up Obama’s lead, the fact that Clinton won both of the big contests last night means that the haemorrhaging of super delegates over to Obama can be stemmed, and therefore her chance off overturning his lead in the popular vote at convention, remains a possibility.

What last night’s results do prove, is the American people’s unwillingness to follow a script concocted by a media desperate for a narrative. With thousands of column inches devoted to these elections, we have seen each side framed by personality and experience.

Huckabee was the charming Arkansan preacher who ruffled the feathers of the GOP’s corporate paymasters and media elite. Romney: the rich and slippery choice of the party Mandarins and talk radio hacks – happy to flip, flop, and flip again. McCain is the ageing war hero, a straight talker who offered the Republican’s a strong chance in the General Election.

On the Dem side you have Clinton: the Tracey Flick of American politics. The grade A student who handed her homework in on time, had studied and worked hard, yet was upset by the school heartthrob and charismatic quarterback: Mr. Barack Obama.

And so, while the media had thought the final chapter had been drafted, the voters in Texas and Ohio tore it up and delivered Flick, sorry Clinton, a lifeline. Hillary, like Bill, has performed an impressive comeback. Yet unlike her husband, unless she can overturn Obama’s still impressive delegate lead by exploiting quirks in the Democratic nomination system, she will not be president. Mr. Obama still enjoys a comfortable lead, and while his momentum has been interrupted, he’s still the favourite by some margin.


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  1. March 5, 2008 at 10:09 pm #

    If you want a home-grown ‘take’ on the major candidates, see:

  2. March 5, 2008 at 10:09 pm #

    If you want a home-grown ‘take’ on the major candidates, see:

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