how the hateful wing of the republican party is collapsing

11 Feb

One of the most heartening aspects of John McCain and Mike Huckabee’s success in the Republican primaries, has been the delightful erosion of influence enjoyed by the rabid rightwing hackery. Rush Limbaugh, when he isn’t whacked out on painkillers, can be found raging against both candidates. Likewise, blowhard writer and Fox News talking-head Ann Coulter, has dismissed McCain as a Democrat in GOP clothing and Huckabee as the new Jimmy Carter. But, much I’m sure to their frustration, no-one is listening.

Years ago, during the Reagan Presidency, the oxymoronic “Christian Right” seized on the Republican Party as a vehicle to power. The Christian Right of course is merely a conduit for arsehole snake-oil salesmen who are in cahoots with corporate America. Their only use for god is to goose people out of money, hoodwink them into supporting a corporatised foreign policy, and to tell them how to live. You only have to read the news to see what bunch of hypocritical pricks most of the gay-hating, god-botherering GOP’rs are – when they’re not voting for more pork in congress, they’re slipping their own pork into congressional pages.

Huckabee and McCain simply do not fit in with this crowd. Huckabee because he’s a genuine Christian who happens to believe in helping his fellow man, and McCain because he’s a “maverick” who votes on conscience and doesn’t want to dictate to his fellow countrymen on how they should live their lives. Let’s be honest; the Gingrich-led Christian Right may have delivered total power to the Republicans post-Clinton, but they have also alienated the low-tax moderates who used to be the fulcrum of the party, and have done immeasurable long-term damage to it.

It appears the American People are growing tired of the culture wars that have divided America and retarded its body politic. And Republicans themselves are rejecting the bullshit rhetoric that refutes all criticism with pseudo-patriotic bile. The vile and racist Talk Radio and print hacks have carved out a fortune from preaching their intolerance and hypocritical values. Had serial-adultoror Newt Gingrich himself ran for President, no-doubt the entire machine would have rallied behind him, and we would have had to stomach the nauseating spectacle of spunkmonkey Sean Hannity et al, fawning over this most pathetic man.

The question is whether a McCain presidency can salvage the GOP and return it to its Goldwater-inspired past: one of small, humble government and low taxation.


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