winner, and new hd video format of choice is…

7 Jan


Is this the final battle in the DVD wars? With Warner jumping ship, surely it’s game over for the Toshiba-backed HD-DVD format?

Tosh are featuring at CES, and are naturally playing down the news.

In the end this will be good news for the industry. Punters can rest assured they’re not backing a Betamax and invest in a player suitable for their shiny new HDTV. This will in turn drive down prices as marginal costs fall. Expect to see Apple add Blu-Ray to their range too (if not at the MacWorld Expo, then later in ’08). Another question will be if Microsoft will realise rumours of an “Ultimate” XBOX 360 with integrated HD-DVD? Surely they’ll not give SONY’S Blu-Ray a boost by incorporating it in an XBOX, but then they can’t keep flogging a dead horse either…

Interesting. I expect to see a SONY Blu-Ray machine for around the £150 mark by Christmas ’08. Just in time for Santa…

UPDATE 8/1/08: Could Paramount be next overboard?


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