post iowa

6 Jan

I’ve been reading around the US press’ post-mortem of the Iowa caucus. The general election will be Obama vs. McCain.

Huckabee won’t have similar evangelical support to carry him in New Hampshire and further afield. Romney is over – people aren’t buying what he’s selling (credit: Slate Gabfest). McCain always tuns out the vote in New Hampshire. Fred Thompson is too lazy and Giuliani has a run a shoddy, scandal-ridden and egocentric campaign that has failed to capture the voters imagination. He’ll even slip in Florida when newer polls emerge.

Edwards doesn’t have the money, but he’ll stumble on. Hilary isn’t over yet, though. Her team has the funding, and will tear into Obama. She will poll better outside of Iowa, where Edwards has poured his heart & soul into a good result.

Obama vs. McCain is too tough to call. The country is leaning towards the Dems, but McCain is such a strong candidate and attractive to independents.


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