gone but not forgotten

11 Dec

As part of my new year clean-out I have gone through the blogroll and culled blogs which have been either closed or were on Deathwatch. I’m sad to report that some of my favourite blogs have ceased to be in 2007.

Blogging was always something of a fad for many, and no-doubt the rise of social-networking (i.e. facebook) has been contributory to blogging’s relative demise. Of course some of
these bloggers have been the victim of circumstance. New careers, starting a new family, or other more interesting projects have taken priority over their blogs. So I thank all these bloggers for their words and I wish them all the best in 2008.


The Life of Zhisou
Bread and Circuses
Calum Carr (Calum’s had a few issues, so when/if he returns to posting, he’ll be re-linked)
Let’s be sensible – the blog of Tom Hamilton
Fisking Central
The Labour Humanist
Reason’s Sword
Latin Football World
Konstantin’s Russian Blog


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