the irregular quote of the day

1 Nov

A long, and beautifully written one from Earthpal: –

On a day when we roll out the red carpet for the head-of-state of a country that Amnesty International duly describes as . . . “fear and secrecy permeate every aspect of life. Every day the most fundamental human rights of people in Saudi Arabia are being violated . . . “ , I can’t help thinking that it really is a crazy, fooked up world in which we live.

On a day when it took six planes to fly King Abdullah and his entourage into Heathrow and held a convoy of 84 limousines to drive the Royal Pains into London at a time when we desperately need to cut emissions, I can’t help thinking we’re well and truly goosed.

In a week when we will provide lavish state banquets at the tax-payers expense to a gluttonous royal family who won’t hesitate to chop off the hands of a man who steals a chicken to feed his hungry family, I can’t helping giving up.


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