nokia n810 internet tablet to be released

17 Oct

Dave Winer comments on the news that Nokia is about to supersede the N800 internet tablet with its replacement, the – inspirationally named – N810 (Engaget had the original scoop back in July). The key improvements are a slide-down keyboard and a higher resolution screen.

If anyone’s going to trump the iPhone, it’s Nokia. The N95 cell is already way ahead of Apple’s design masterpiece in terms of specs and the *official* availability of third-party apps. If Nokia can get the interface down pat, Apple could have a real fight on its hands. Apple are making uncharacteristic mistakes with the iPhone.

(Mr. Zhisou was an early adopter of the N800.)

UPDATE: It looks like Apple are opening the doors to third-part apps: let the floodwaters come. Let there be no doubt, this is BIG news.


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