the irregular quote of the day

6 Oct

Michael Tomasky has a quite contrarian piece over on Comment is Free, which I think you’ll enjoy. Quite often the comment threads over at CiF are more interesting than the original article, I’d say this one is just as combustible: –

… I’m proudly a neocon. The powers jockeying for influence got us World War I. The world needs a cop, and who better if not the World’s Oldest Democracy that built many of the international institutions in the first place?

America isn’t the world’s only superpower by accident. Generations of Americans worked for it. Earned it. Fought tooth and nail for it. And for the sake of long term global stability and our own good, there is no reason to give up that power.

Iraq may be a misadventure, but this century has just begun, and it could end up just being little more than a footnote, kind of like the Russo-Japanese war is today.


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