things i should not be doing

5 Oct

There are many things in life that, at this advanced stage in our civilisation, we should not be doing.

Grinding up plants, wrapping them in paper, and smoking them would be right at the top of the list. How about buying toys needing batteries that we have no intention of replacing? Travelling 30 miles to sit at a desk connected to the very same internet you just left at home would be another. The human race is, it seems, resistant to progress and common sense.

What makes me even angrier, however, is huge advancements that turn out to be complete bollocks.

Earlier today I found myself, not for the first time, ironing a non-iron shirt. Non-Iron shirts are a crock of shit. Never, ever have I taken one of these garments from the dryer and said, “well that doesn’t need once-over with the Rowenta.” Maybe they need air drying outside (yeah, and that’s likely during most of the British year), or whatever, but the tag says, “NON-IRON.” It’s bullshit. And I for one am fed up.

It’s the lies that get to me.


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