david cameron’s keynote: more of the same

3 Oct

I’m really busy this week so I haven’t had much chance to watch or comment on the Tory conference, but I just managed to catch David Cameron’s keynote speech on Sky News.


So much for a Reaganesque reinvention of conservatism? It was yet more of the same Law & Order anecdotes, and weak dog-whistle crowing about the state of the country, that we’ve come to expect from the Tories.

When will the Tories get the message that you win elections by offering optimism?

Don’t get me wrong, Cameron is much sunnier than IDS or Michael Howard, but he just couldn’t resist a nugget about how a policeman wouldn’t give a thieving tyke a talking to, because of “the targets and paperwork.” We live in a litigious society and one where people demand value and transparency from their taxes. Unless DC is prepared to tackle the lawyers and the claims culture, I don’t see how he can reduce police paperwork. And unless he’s prepared to write an open cheque with the tax-payers money, I don’t see how he can ditch performance targets. I don’t think the police are perfect, but if we want a professional service, we need targets and we need performance management – after all, that’s what they do in the private sector…

UPDATE: Oh, yeah, I missed the bit where he talked about low pay…


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