naughty, naughty

11 Sep

About 10-years ago, FHM used to be a decent magazine. It would have been some time before it became the soft-porn of choice for a generation of hand-shandy merchants.

I suppose its dumbing-down was in response to James Brown’s Loaded. But what Loaded’s imitators never understood, was that the mag never took itself too seriously and it employed some of the best writers in the country (Martin Deeson’s travel writing was the perfect example, a mix of heady Gonzo journalism and de Tocqueville-esqe observations). FHM, meanwhile, became obsessed with semi-clad women and cheap content, lacking any of the invention and wit of the original Loaded.

And it seems FHM’s obsession with idle titilation has got them into some bother:

Emap’s FHM has been rapped by the PCC for a “significant breach” of its Code of Practice after publishing a topless shot of a 14 year old girl.

The PCC upheld a complaint from the girl’s parents that a photograph in the April 2007 edition of FHM had been published without consent and intruded into their daughter’s privacy in breach of Clause 3 (Privacy) and Clause 6 (Children) of the Code of Practice.

FHM published a topless photograph of the girl in a gallery of mobile phone snapshots provided by the magazine’s readers.

Via: b3ta


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