chinese hackers, possibly linked with the military, attack uk

5 Sep

Further evidence, if it were needed, of how woefully ill-prepared we are for this new cold war.

From The Guardian: –

Chinese hackers, some believed to be from the People’s Liberation Army, have been attacking the computer networks of British government departments, the Guardian has learned.

The attackers have hit the network at the Foreign Office as well as those in other key departments, according to Whitehall officials.


Security and defence officials are coy about what they know of specific attacks. However, they say several Whitehall departments have fallen victim to China’s cyberwarriors. One expert described it as a “constant ongoing problem”.

Bogged down in a rudderless campaign in Iraq, we have allowed the newly emboldened Chinese and Russians to steal a march on us. China’s rise is unavoidable. Old Empires fall. New Empires rise.


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