bj the mayor bear is a “hardline rightwinger”

21 Aug

The Guardian is carrying a story about the Leftie Brownian thinktank, Compass, claiming that Boris Johnson is “by far the most rightwing candidate” ever to stand as potential Mayor of London.

So what?

Everyone knows BJ is a dyed-in-the-wool old-fashioned Tory. He was editor of the Speccie FFS! Is this how thinktanks spend their time and money? Trawling through freely available articles to tell us what we already know? Yup, Boris is a Tory. Nice one Sherlock.

BJ will give Red Ken a real run for his money. So I can sort of see the point of framing him as Tebbitesque Trojan Horse, determined to crush the left’s hold on the capital, but come on – this is political bish-bash, and not role of a thinktank. Come on Compass, do some real work.


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