an early start and extra ram

14 Aug

I was up at 2:15 am today. I had to take Mrs. tyger and the cubs to the airport. They’re going to Tallinn for 6-weeks, while I stay here in England working. Not fair. But at least I’ll have the house to myself for once. i.e. no queues for the bathroom…

As soon as I got back to Newark from Stansted, I showered and headed into Nottingham for a meeting with a client (which ended up being a very enjoyable discussion about politics and architecture) . A few hours later and I’m aimlessly wandering through Nottingham with a sandwich (turkey, brie & fresh tomato on ciabatta) and some iced tea (pomegranate & green tea), looking in windows and thinking about my warm bed.

On the way back to the car-park I popped into the local Apple Mac dealer to enquire about the availability of the swish new USB keyboards. They had some on display, but sadly none were for sale. In passing I also asked for a price on 512mb of RAM for my ageing iBook. Now before we go any further, let me just say that I have been struggling with 256mb for a couple of years – all the while I’m running the RAM hungry OSX 10.4. My little notebook rather resembled a forgetful old dear; slow and usually somewhat confused.

You’re probably wondering why I have suffered such a paltry amount of RAM for so long. Well, my little Mac is only really used for web browsing and as a word-processor. I have a Linux-powered desktop that I use for big jobs. The speed, while frustrating, never really justified the £70 the official Apple Stores were charging for 512mb of RAM. Seriously: SEVENTY big ones. I’m not usually frugal when it comes to tech, but I do hate being screwed, and this was waaaaay too much.

The price at my local independent Apple dealer? £27!! I soon forgot the keyboard (they’re not in for another couple of days) and plundered the RAM. I just got home and my formerly geriatric little notebook is like a 3-week old puppy – it’s responsive, energetic, and I couldn’t be happier.

A return to political posting soon, I promise. I’m off for a nap. Bye.


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