tories in serious ealing f___ up

18 Jul

Political Penguin has a very, very sexy exclusive. David Cameron’s Ealing fuck ups just keep coming.

It seems the Tories have leaked the results to the Telegraph from a closed-door validation check of postal votes.

PP picks up the facts: –

What this article in the Telegraph claims is the someone from the Tories has provided information pertaining to the initial validating of the postal votes in the Ealing Southall by-election. All political parties are allowed representatives to oversee the validation process however any release of an indication as to how the votes are going for each party is strictly prohibited as such a release could influence or be prejudicial to the outcome of the ballot.

If you’re in doubt as to the seriousness of the leak, PP explains in full.

So, who will get their collar felt?

Telegraph links withheld for legal reasons

UPDATE: 21:20 – Oooops, The Telegraph has taken down the post. Methinks boob-hack, Jonathan Isaby, will be getting a bollocking in the morning. Or worse…

UPDATE: 09:07 19/7 – I think it’s rather disingenuous that none of the MSM titles carrying the story credited Political Penguin, who first broke the story.

See here, here, & here.

Even in a time when every newspaper of note has a blog of its own (not to mention the fact that bumbling Isaby actually screwed up on the Telegraph blog), they still can’t find it within themselves to link to the blogger who spotting this delicious howler.

No matter. It’s us that are on the up…


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