super middle east peace envoy man*

1 Jul

Just WTF is going on?

Just as we thought we were free of The Tainted Mr. Blair, and able to begin to put the Iraq debacle behind us, President Bush (Mr. Fuck-up himself) decides to offer him the job of sorting out the Middle East.

I mean, seriously, has there ever been a more inappropriate appointment? Okay, whoever first allowed Jane Goody into the Big Brother house (and therefore our lives), needs a good kicking; but come on, Blair!!!??? After Bush himself, polls in the Middle East consistently name Tony as the most hated man in the region. It’s almost as if Bush is taking the piss. Paul Wolfowitz to The World Bank, John Bolton as US ambassador to The UN, and now Blair’s going to be flying around the Mid-East pissing everyone off and reminding everyone he’s British.

Come on Tony, haven’t you caused enough trouble? Have you not given St. Peter enough to go on already? We all know you’re going to fry. Lucifer already has his best branding irons out and has cleared his diary. You probably ought not to be making things any worse.

It’s times like this when you just know politics can’t get any worse. We’re led by donkeys. And we’re fucked.

*©Marina Hyde, The Guardian


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