recommended reading | gore must run

18 Jun

So says Peter Preston.

Is that possible when climate change is just one “normal” issue among many, to be ceremonially weighed against US jobs or gas prices or Chinese imports? It’s not. But that, with inevitable shades of emphasis, is where every extant presidential candidate stands. Too timid, too slow. Global warming is an utterly abnormal issue that needs a leader all of its own. Gore has fashioned himself as that leader. He can’t just sit there and pontificate. He has to run. And, when he does, the rest of us have to put inconvenient illusions aside and listen.

Obviously I’m rooting for a Democrat in ’08. The Republican rot in the Whitehouse must end, even if the newly installed Democrat leadership in the House and Senate doesn’t seem to have much of an idea. With a Dem in the Whitehouse, the rest of the party will have no excuse. They will have the power to shape the country, not be hamstrung by the separation of powers.

I tend to lean towards Barack Obama. The Illinois senator seems to have a Kennedyesque oratory skill and would breath new life into the US political system. However Gore is the one person who could rock the Hillary/Obama grip on the nomination. Al Gore has the pedigree, the experience, and the calling to be president. And let’s not forget, there would be a divine justice in Gore putting right the many Bush wrongs.


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