Nintendo fights the modders

27 May

Nintendo are rumoured to be releasing a revised Wii in Japan, one that renders all existing modification chips useless. Ninty have always been fiercely defensive about the integrity of their consoles, after all, modded consoles are often used to play pirated games. However, few would argue that the success of the first PlayStation console didn’t owe a great deal to the ease at which it could be modded. And Sony still made millions from that system.

Modding also has a more benign and creative side. Modchips have allowed bedroom coders to produce new games for the system, and thus giving a new generation of game designers a medium to practice their skills.

One wonders if fighting the modders is such a good strategy after all. Anyway, it’s only a matter of time before industrious modders circumvent the new motherboard design. What’s the point?


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