What is the point of â€˜Vodcasts?’

25 May

I have an iPod stuffed full of video-Podcasts. The only one I use regularly is the Question Time one (if I miss the BBC1 transmission), and then I only listen to the audio file. While I have downloaded plenty of these files for their novelty value, I can’t quite work out where they fit into my media diet?

I don’t watch video on the move. For me the whole point of Podcasts is that I can consume content while living my life. I can take the boy for a walk and listen to NBC’s Meet the Press, or I can drive to London while catching up with Letter to America. Why would I want to watch video on a 2” screen when I have the Sony in the lounge?

If I want to watch a YouTube video I’ll watch it on my PC on a bright 19” flat-panel display, I’m not going to sit in the corner squinting at the iPod’s tiny screen.

Podcasts are successful because they allow busy people to consume media on the move. I hardly ever listen to my iPod at home. I have books, magazines, radio, a Hi-Fi, and computers (not to mention a family!). The only time I listen to Podcasts at home is when I’m doing the dishes.

Are Vodcasts a waste of time and effort, or is just me?


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