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Another example

20 May

I have an appetising two-course feast for you. How about a helping of piss-poor Daily Mail pseudo-journalism, followed by a course of piss-poor Tory Blogger mock-outrage?

Oh, you’re not hungry?

The Tories are still desperate to run a US-Style attack against Labour on the blogosphere, but alas, they’re also so woefully short of talent. Ah bless.


20 May

I don’t really want to install an ‘intelligence test’ on the site to approve commentors, and nor do I really want to enforce registration, so I have decided that only commentors with previously approved comments will appear automatically. FYI – the sheer volume of spam nowadays is silly. So, if you have already had a comment approved, it should be cool. But if you’re new, I’ll need to approve your first comment. Once I have decided you’re not a Spambot (or simply and olde fashion spamming bastard), you’ll be fine to post as normal.

Note – the full comment policy is here.

Microsoft’s Meta-advertising

20 May

But does it work? I’m not sure. It’s a decent, rather funny ad, it’s just the whole self-mocking style that really grates with this blogger. And no, this is not weak anti-Microsoft bitching either, like I said it’s a funny ad, I’m just not convinced that this meta-ad works.

Via: Oliver Mermet