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Super SUPER Punch out

4 May

I know it’s a bit Guido, but I couldn’t resist…

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4 May

Busy, busy, busy!

I have a busy Bank Holiday weekend ahead. Tomorrow we will misguidedly take on the M1 and drive up to see some Russian friends in Leeds. We always get such wonderful food whenever we visit, so it’ll be a light breakfast at chez tyger in the morning.

Supposedly the traffic over the next three days is expected to be horrendous, but I have the new Arctic Monkeys record to give a spin in the CD player, so trusting it doesn’t get the thumbs down from Mrs. tyger, it’ll be getting some serious airtime during the journey. We’ll see, eh?

I’m out Saturday night and I’m working on some projects on Sunday, so I don’t expect to get any time to write anything for the blog before Sunday evening, so catch you then.

The QT

I used to love writing up commentaries for Question Time and Wednesday’s PMQs, but alas, I don’t have the time anymore. Anyway, did you see QT on Thursday? Patricia Hewitt took a real kicking from a handful or so junior doctors and health professionals in the audience, but, regardless of the immense pressure, I think she acquitted herself quite well. She was confident, eloquent, and tried her best to get her arguments across. Much better than when Harriet Harman is on QT, when invariably she comes across as bitter and overly partisan.

Let’s be honest, the problems in the NHS are manifold, and Hewitt has only been in the job a couple of years, so it’s hardly all her fault. However, I don’t see her surviving a Brownite cull, do you? Whoever gets the health brief is in for a rough ride, no matter how capable they are.

Peter Christopher Hitchens on Free Speech

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Liverpool vs AC Milan

Liverpool will struggle to beat Milan if the Rossoneri play to their potential. The glorious Kaka was the only Brazilian to emerge from last summer’s World Cup with any credit, and in a Milan side that lacks the grace and creativity of previous incarnations, he again remains the stand-out player.

Rafael Benítez is clearly a master tactician, and will have the nous to change Liverpool’s formation on the fly, something Alex Ferguson was unable to do. But let’s not forget that Milan’s Ancelotti is no mug, and will be seeking revenge for the ’05 final this time around.

Obama security detail stepped up

4 May

Hmmmm, not good.

Local Elections | Meltdown avoided

4 May


Well as danivon in the comments has already stated, last night could have been a lot worse for Labour. The losses in Scotland have been wounding but certainly not fatal. In England the share of the vote has remained stable and even crept up a smidgen. The Welsh result has been probably the biggest disappointment, with Labour having to enter coalition discussions now its majority has been lost.

The real humiliation this morning should be felt by the hyperbolic commentators who promised this would be a cataclysmic defeat for Labour. It wasn’t. It was just another bloody nose for a battle-weary Tony Blair.

With the Lib Dems haemorrhaging seats, the Tories – in England at least – have cleaned up. But David Cameron’s idle declaration that the Conservatives are a now a party of ‘national government’ is nonsense. With barely a toehold in the Welsh Assembly and nothing of note north of the border, one can only assume that Cameron meant a party of ‘nationalist government,’ by which he means English Nationalism and an end to the Union (Happy 300th Birthday, BTW).

You do get the impression that Cameron, knowing he doesn’t have cat in hell’s chance of victory in Scotland and Wales, is seriously flirting with the idea of cutting Scotland loose. After all, without the Socialist Scots ruining the show, the Tories would be guaranteed almost dynastical control of Westminster – not to mention cutting the Scottish head from Labour’s torso.

Regular readers know that I’m no Brownite, but I disagree that the election is a blow to the Chancellors inevitable Premiership. That’s nonsense. Gordon Brown has the opportunity to build confidence and support by grasping the chance to enact major changes in policy when he succeeds Blair (Brown’s first hundred days will be utterly crucial to his fortunes in the next General Election). The Ministry of Defence, the NHS, and The Home Office are all in desperate need of radical ideas and fresh faces. This blog would like to see a major cabinet overhaul when Brown takes office.

When the embers of last night’s results are turned over in the minds of the commentariat, I’d like to think that the consensus is that Labour have managed to avoid the gallows. It wasn’t the bloodbath that many predicted, but it should be a warning heeded by the Labour leadership. Labour desperately needs to listen to the electorate and reconnect with those it has lost. Labour may have dodged the bullet, but it doesn’t take long to reload.

Local elections etc.

4 May

I’ll give my assessment of the locals later – busy day and all that. Of course it looks pretty crushing for Labour (which is no surprise), so I doubt I will be particularly positive.

I spent yesterday tarting myself out on other people’s blogs; a nugget of which can be found here.