Streetfighter – The Movie

16 Apr

I was up last night until the wee-hours watching the Streetfighter movie (1994).

No, seriously: the Streetfighter movie. The one with Jean-Claude Van Damme, Raul Julia, and Kylie Minogue.

Yeah, I know, it’s shit. So shit it’s brilliant!!

Ok, I admit it; I’m an old hand at Streetfighter II. I could kick-ass with Ryu, and I have completed it with all the original characters, so there was a nice sense of nostalgia running through the whole thing. Though quite why Guile was made the central hero, I have no idea. Guile always seemed a bit of a narcissist, who spent too long hanging around fighter pilots to be real hero material.

Anyway, it was atrocious, but it was so magnificently atrocious, that you just had to watch it to the end.

Fight scenes were over the top and the victorious rhetoric was always corny as hell. And there was a reassuring scene where the Russian character, Zangief, who, having totally misinterpreted the concept of freedom, is put on the straight and narrow by the heroes and is gratefully redeemed. Classic stuff.


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